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email us: info@stationhost.org

Amtrak Station Host Association of California P.O. Box 99841 Emeryville, CA 94662-0841
The Station Host Association is an all volunteer organization. Persons interested in Amtrak employment should contact:
Amtrak Human Resources Department
P.O. Box 861147 Los Angeles, CA 90086-1147
The Station Host Association of California is looking for volunteers to provide friendly assistance to train passengers at our Host Stations in Emeryville, Oakland, Martinez, Sacramento, Davis, Merced, Hanford, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, San Jose, San Francisco and future sites at Stockton and Salinas.

If you have a flexible schedule, enjoy helping people and support train travel, please apply today to be a California Station Host.

*Must be over 21 years of age